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Time is a ticking!!

I am shocked to see how much time has passed since my last blog entry, let's just say life doesn't slow down as the years pass! We have gotten settled with our new season of Stars and what a wonderful bunch of Stars they are. I have seen some staff come and go over the last few years and we have a few more staff expecting babies in the New Year so there are always changes happening within the programs. This is not a bad thing, we have welcomed some very amazing new staff and our existing staff have been working hard to complete higher certifications all while still working and doing life! I am one of the staff completing level 3 in ELCC in December so balancing that with work, family, and friends, is sometimes a lot. To say my staff are hardworking is an understatement and I am full of pride for all they bring to our programs. Little Star is nothing without these amazing women. We have soo many goals and ideas to tackle in an effort to make this season the very best it can be for all of our Stars. You will see that surveys will be coming out to gather your feedback and suggestions as we are always striving to improve. We love to include our Star families as much as we can, you know your Stars the best and together we hope to provide huge support and wonderful experiences to enrich your Stars' lives and shape them into wonderful citizens of the community. Hopefully, once I graduate college, time will seem to slow down a bit but please know that every second we hold your Stars in our care, is one we feel privileged to be a part of and we will hold in our hearts for all time!

Hugs~Miss Becki

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