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Here we go!!

A brand new season is upon us! We are all inspired and excited for the new adventures ahead with our Stars! We have some new staff mixed in with our senior staff for the perfect combination of fresh ideas and experienced wisdom. Visit our "About" page to put a face to the name of all our Superstar Staff! Watch Facebook and Instagram for upcoming bios highlighting each of our unique ladies. We are all working together to give your Star a wonderful experience whether it is their first school experience or fun in our out-of-school program. We have some Stars joining us at the tender age of 2.5 that stay with our programs until they age out and we can confidently graduate them knowing they have the life skills to handle caring for themselves. It is our greatest pleasure to form strong and lasting relationships with our Star Families and to be able to support them through all the stages of early learning and childcare. We can't wait to meet all our new Stars and to see our beloved returning Stars. Let's make it a great year!!

Hugs~Miss Becki

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