Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support


Miss Becki

I have been a member of the Blackfalds community for over 20 years and have been with Little Star since 2008. I am passionate about providing a safe and warm space, rich with learning opportunities for Stars aged 2-12 who all hold a little piece of my heart! I work hard to ensure my staff and I never stop learning and staying up to date in the early learning and childcare profession. When I'm not working; I love spending time with my family, my pup and my friends, camping, reading, and traveling!


Miss Hailee

Miss Hailee is extremely passionate about early childhood education and is specifically inspired by the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. She loves animals, plants, camping, yoga, and music. Her gentle manner and big smile put the children at ease and creates a special bond with them. Miss Hailee has brought her love of nature into the program as well as bringing the program outdoors. She is in the process of working towards her diploma in ELCC and works as both a Play School/Pre-K teacher and director of the Little Star OSP.


Miss Ashley

Miss Ashley joins us after taking a year away from the childcare field. She is the former Owner of Sportball Central Alberta, and has worked in the childcare field for over 8 years. Miss Ashley has her level 3 in early learning and childcare and has a love for helping children pursue thier passions. She enjoys, art, sports, and being outside. Her laughter is contagious, and she looks forward to her time at Little Stars as the director of St. G OSP.


Miss Pam

Miss Pam has her CDA in ELCC and lots of experience working with children. Miss Pam has a great sense of humor and a huge heart which makes her a natural with children. She enjoys reading, music, and spending time with friends and family. Miss Pam works the St Gregory OSP as well as subs wherever needed!!


Miss Erin

Miss Erin joined us a practicum student and we are thrilled to have her back as a Star Staff. Miss Erin's mom ran a day home for her entire upbringing and she has the same passion for working with children that her mom did. She loves doing arts and crafts, planning and organizing, and spending time outdoors. The Stars love Miss Erin for her giggle and sweet personality in both Play School, Pre-K, and Little Star OSP!


Miss Sidney

Miss Sidney is new to Little Star this season and comes with lots of experience and enthusiasm! Miss Sidney holds her diploma in ELCC and has a strong foundation for learning through play and allowing children to engage with concepts and ideas that interest them. She loves travel, hiking, and camping which has led her and her fiance into transforming a school bus into a tiny home to hopefully travel in one day!


Miss Erica

Miss Erica holds her social work diploma and is super excited to join Little Star and put her skills to work! Miss Erica and her husband have 2 little girls and enjoy all water sports, longboarding, biking, and she loves everything planty! She has a passion for travel and discovering new cultures. You will find her in both the St. Gregory OSP and the Pre-K afternoon classes so make sure to say hi!!


Miss Julie

Miss Julie is a certified CDA that has been subbing for Little Star since her oldest was in Little Star! She is a mom who lives for her 2 children and loves gardening, camping, helping her hubby in the woodshop, and spending time with friends and family. Miss Julie believes every child is capable of big things and able to do anything they set their minds to! We are thrilled to have her join us in the Pre-k afternoon class as well as continuing to sub.


Miss Shannon


I met Miss Shannon when she registered her oldest in playschool and was amused with her quick wit and sarcasm but her skills and love for spreadsheets and organizing made it an easy choice for me to snag her up to handle the tedious business side of Little Star! Miss Shannon has shown complete loyalty and dedication to this position all while holding another full-time job and being a mom! Miss Shannon has completed her first level of ELCC and has subbed as well. Miss Shannon is very well known for missing staff parties, constantly looking for her youngest daughter and her sassy comebacks!



We are happy to welcome Mr. Boyd Cota to Little Star OSP as a helper/mentor. Boyd is a sports enthusiast who loves playing hockey and baseball. He loves hanging out with friends, dogs, camping, quadding, and playing video games.