Strange Times

I was thrilled that the littles got to have Halloween as the list of things we can't do that we have taken for granted for soo long has grown due to Covid. It did my heart good to hand out candy and see those smiles and to have Halloween parties at the program. I struggle with the rules but of course I follow them as everyone's safety is what matters. I can only tell you that seeing the Stars interact and play daily is what fills my bucket. Thank you for allowing your Star to be a part of Little Star and giving them an opportunity to play. I hope that it is benefiting them as much as it is me. Please know that we are doing our part to ensure your Star's health while stimulating them creatively, making them think and figure things out independantly and in teams, growing as an empathetic, caring friend, and learning through play! I also want to thank you for helping us collect food and monetary donations for the Food Bank. For showing our Stars that we help those in need and that you can do that right in your own community sets a great example and is a wonderful teaching moment. Little Star is proud to be participating in the 2020 Passport to Christmas this year and we will be handing out stamped cards to each of you as you pay your child's fees over the next 2 months. We are also looking forward to participating in the Christmas Angel Program FCSS puts on every year where we help those less fortunate get to give their families gifts on Christmas, stay tuned for details. I also want to make it known that we have a links page right here on the website and if any of you Star Parents have a business you want linked, please send me your information! We love to support local! In these strange times, we need to be connected more than ever and as it takes a village to raise up our young into Superstars, we are soo very proud to be a part of yours! As always, we welcome any ideas and/or feedback as we are always striving to improve all our programs.

Biggest Hugs~Miss Becki


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