Crazy times!

Well if I've learned anything over this past year, it's how to roll with the crazy! Everything from Covid to extreme weather has hit us and somehow we manage to deal with it. I am really seeing that Little Star can and will modify, change, and grow according to what's going down around us and what the community needs are. We have modified programs to meet Covid restrictions, we have added full-day playschool and Pre-K classes to accommodate parents in need, and now we are excited to add a program that will provide care to IREC students attending half-day kindergarten. Little Star Kindercare is going to start in September and will provide care and transportation Monday through Friday 7 am - 6 pm. Details are being sorted out but since registration has opened, we will accept registrants now. Depending on numbers, this program may also include a handful of Pre-K Stars and maybe even an overflow of OSP. Keep an eye out for modifications and additions to all Little Star programs as the government has just put out new regulations. Handbooks will be modified and details sorted out as I work through the regulations. This is exciting, stressful, and hopeful all at the same time. I welcome any and all feedback as I begin the changes to my programs as I am always striving to better my programs and best serve my community.

Hugs~Miss Becki

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