Frequently Asked Questions

How much are program fees?

For pricing please read the handbook of the program your Star is registered in.

Can I visit the program?

Little Star is proud of our family relationships and our open-door policy but due to Covid-19, we are not allowing outsiders to visit at this time. We are happy to send videos and pictures to keep you updated!

Does my child have to be potty trained to attend?

We do not require your Star to be potty trained but we do ask that you send any supplies necessary for clean up if they are not quite there!

Can my child attend 5 days a week for Play School/Pre-K?

Yes, if there is room available we will accept children in both programs!! We have had Stars attend 5 days a week and it works out just fine as each class is based on child interest so it is never repetitive. Preference would be that they are potty trained and mature enough to socialize with the older of the 2 classes but trial periods can be arranged if in doubt!