A child's job is to PLAY!

Little Star Play School is honoured to have the opportunity to teach your child! Through our fun monthly themes, field trips, and programming we are confident that your child will have fun while developing important skills and forming valuable friendships! Parents are never required to stay for the program but always welcome! You are never required to fundraise, we only ask that parents try to make it to monthly Toy Cleans when possible! Each child will have the opportunity to have at least one “Special Day” where they will get their face painted, have show & tell and get to take home one of our special classroom friends for a sleepover! Throughout the year, we will have in class parties which are a great way for parents to meet each other! There is soo much fun to be had and we can’t wait to have your “Little Star” join our little family! If you have any questions, please contact Miss Becki.

Snack Time

We encourage healthy snacks at play school and the Canada Food Guide recommends a minimum of two food groups per snack for children. Chips and chocolate bars (including the ones in Lunchables) often cause problems at snack time for children that do not have them and they have little to no nutritional value so please save these items for treats at home. In keeping with our theme of going green, labeled reusable containers are great for drinks and snacks. We are juice box free as it is our experience that they allow for too much waste and are time-consuming for staff to deal with. Grapes and hot dogs need to be cut lengthwise to prevent choking! Allergy lists are posted at the front of the school and on the kitchen fridge.

*****Please remember we are a NO NUTS zone due to allergies******