Jan 14, 2017

Color Spectrum Personality Dynamics Workshop

Hello Parents,

My lovely staff and I spent this morning attending an informative workshop on Color Spectrums and how to identify both our individual color spectrums as well as how to identify other's spectrums. This is a great tool to strengthen relationships and it helps create understanding and appreciation for those who differ from our spectrums. In our profession of early childhood educators, it empowers us with the knowledge to read our students color spectrums and provide for their personal needs accordingly. It was great fun to start to recognize the different color strengths of each other during this workshop and eye opening to start thinking about our families' and friends' color strengths as well as our students'. There are 4 colors in the spectrum: blue, yellow, red and green. Blues focus on relationships and feelings; greens are analytical, the thinkers; yellows are organized and orderly, and reds are doers, active and expressive! Everyone has some of each color but you will most likely be predominant in one or two colors. I personally am very excited to add this tool to my toolbelt and to use it to strengthen relationships, be better at what I do and to realize my personal strengths and weaknesses. I encourage you to look into color spectrums, there are free online quizzes to determine your color, here is one link: https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/174298/full-spectrum-success-personality-colors-quiz. As I stated, no-one is one color alone and we all have traits of each color but it is a very interesting topic to pursue and the more tools we can get in our toolbelts for dealing with relationships, the better!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Dec 15, 2016

Ho Ho Hold the clock!

Time has certainly gotten away from me on the whole blogging end of things! Here we find ourselves busily readying for the holiday season and I can't help but feel that time is slipping by too quickly! I want to express how much joy and fun all my Stars have brought me over the last few months! The stories I have heard might make some of you laugh, blush and or cry lol! They have BIG imaginations and are very creative and entertain me fully! It fills my bucket to see the friendships blooming, the skills being mastered and the fun being had with all manner of themes and experiences! It has been great to have parent helpers join in the play and even grandparents, baby siblings, and older siblings join us for special days and events. Thank you all for your support of my programs. I love that my Big Stars are soo willing to be helpers and quite often ask to do chores! It is such a great group of children this year, lots of my Big Stars were Little Stars not long ago and I am soo proud of the genuinely awesome kids they have grown into. As always, it is also fantastic to see the Star Parents forming friendships too, waiting for us to unlock the door has some positives!! I feel like we have all become one great big Star Family! (Okay so I am still working on parent's names but at least I know all the children's') Big thanks to you for your generosity with supporting both our local food bank and the FCSS with the Christmas Angel Program, you have definitely helped fill someone's bucket! Don't forget to come watch our Little Stars at After the Grind next week!!

Little Star Staff wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas making treasured memories with your loved ones and a Happy, Healthy New Year! 

Aug 23, 2016

Countdown is on!!

Hello Parents!

I have been busy getting all my ducks in a row with the paperwork side of things, licenses, policies, accreditation, filing, blah blah blah!! Not my most favorite part of the business but now I am starting to set up for the fun stuff! Organizing and purchasing, now this I love!! I can't wait until all the Stars get to come and play! Getting my lovely staff back together, awesome ladies that I have missed seeing, definitely getting excited!!

We open our doors for meet the teacher Monday and times are as follows:

Pre-K AM Monday the 29th 10-11AM

Pre-K PM Monday the 29th 12:30-1:30

OSP Monday the 29th 6-7

Tues-Thurs AM Tuesday the 30th 10-11

Tues-Thurs PM Tuesday the 30th 12:30-1:30

Big Stars (IRIC)  Tuesday the 30th 5:30-6:30

Please bring your child's indoor footwear and supplies to this event in an attempt to make first days of the programs run smoother.

It is not too late to register, you can find the registration form under forms and downloads!

The first day of both OSP's is September 1st (before & after care offered).

First days of play school is the 6th and 7th.

Well back to work for me, go hug your Stars and then hug them again for me!!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Apr 5, 2016

Hello again!

It's been awhile again! Can you say busy...It is true that we have started planning for next season already which is always very exciting and nerve racking at the same time as I keep my fingers crossed that families will enroll their Stars in my programs, that I will be able to find staff as awesome as I have now to replace any leaving Super Star Staff, and that I will get everything I have dreamt of accomplishing for the season done in the next few months!! My hubby reminds me every spring to stop worrying about things out of my control and boy do I try but I am just sooo invested in my Little Star Programs! I am going to focus most of my energy on having the best 3 months till we close for summer! My staff and I have tons of fun, hands-on, learning experiences planned, as well we are preparing for an epic Pre-K Graduation, year-end parties for all programs including a Family Pizza Party for OSP. 

Thank you all for your support, you are truly Rock Stars! Stay tuned as the best is yet to come!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Feb 27, 2016


Hello Parents!

I am shocked that it is that time of year again when we start preparations for our new fall season. Time sure flies when you are having fun, as it does not seem like we should be over half done this season! My current Star families will enjoy the perks of getting to register for next season's classes as of March 1st on  a first come first processed basis. You all know the drill! As of April 1st, registration will open to the public. 

The classes will undergo changes many times before I actually start up. This means that if you do not get into your preference of class or end up on a waitlist; there is a good chance that will be remedied before start-up or soon after. Confirmation will be done via email so please ensure you clearly write out your email address. 

Please ensure that you read the handbook associated with the program you are registering for. Also, peruse the pages of this website for valuable information. Follow our Facebook Page for updates. 

Hugs~Miss Becki

Dec 1, 2015

Where has the time gone!!

I cannot believe it is December already!

We have had a wonderful time getting to know our Stars in both programs as well as their families:) It seems each year that time passes faster and faster so you better soak up all the hugs and snuggles you can because before you know it, you will have big kids like I do! I started with Little Star when my youngest went to kindergarten and he is now in grade 7!!! January 1st will mark my 6th anniversary of being sole owner of Little Star and I couldn't be prouder of my little program! From my wonderful staff, the fantastic support from the parents and most of all, getting to spend my days teaching the cutest Stars in the whole world! Looking back, I have learned soo much and will continue to do so as I am always striving to improve my programs. I want to take this opportunity to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my past and present Star Families, thank you for trusting me with your most precious Stars.

I hope you all enjoy the Holiday Season and take time to enjoy your Stars before they shoot off on their own!!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Aug 31, 2015

Class start dates!

Hello Parents,

Welcome back to all our Big Stars (OSP)! Hope you have a fantastic first day back!!

Just a friendly reminder that Tues/Thurs classes start on Sept 8th & Pre-K starts Sept 9th. We follow the same school year calendar as Iron Ridge aside from our start & end dates. I have a link to their site on my links page so you can access the yearly calendar anytime. I will have our September newsletters posted soon so watch for those to see all important dates as well;)

Hugs~Miss Becki

Aug 15, 2015

Almost that time!

Hello Parents,

I am getting excited for back to school! It is important to have the summer for everyone to recharge but as September is starting to sneak up on us, I get super pumped for programming, setting up & of course to see all my Little Star Families!

Reminder that we will be hosting our Play School Meet & Greets Aug 27th & 28th as per the email you should have received. I am still in the process of adjusting classes so if your child's class changes please ensure you attend the meet & greet for the correct class time. 

Supply Lists were also emailed out as well as information on how to get your Aug 20th payment to me.

As for our OSP group, you start back on the 31st of this month so we will be hosting an orientation for all families at 6:30 on the 27th. Please bring your child's mandatory indoor footwear (labelled) at this time. If you cannot attend, make sure the footwear comes with them first day;)

Revised handbooks have been added to the website under forms & downloads, make sure you read them as it is a requirement.

I have been having a few glitches with emails this summer so I am suggesting you all use the littlestarplayschool@hotmail.com for the time being at least. I am supposed to get them from both the cota@shaw.ca & cota5@telus.net but as I stated I have had a few glitches.

Enjoy the last bit of summer & I cannot wait to rock our 2015/16 year, see you soon!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Apr 19, 2015

Classes full

Wow all 4 classes for the 2015/16 season have now filled! That was crazy quick!! Do not get discouraged if you did not get your child registered, we are taking forms in for our wait list at no cost to you. If a space opens up, we will contact the first in line and progress down the line in order as changes are made. I usually see quite a lot of movement and changes in my class lists between now and September. Please follow the same directions as registration just do not sumbit any money.

Thank you for the incredible support of my programs and we look forward to meeting or exceeding all expectations. As always, parent feedback is welcome as I am always striving to improve my programs.

Biggest Hugs~Miss Becki

Apr 7, 2015


So again I find myself wondering where the time went this year! Although I should not be soo surprised as all the Little Stars have grown both physically but more importantly, personally;) I have seen little ones come out of their shells and form great friendships. I have seen huge strides in name writing, trouble shooting, math skills, even in the ability to share ideas & stories whether verbally or on paper in the form of drawings or paintings. I have seen wonderful structures created sometimes by a single child but more often than not, in groups working as a team. I guess time just flies when you are having fun!!

This month we are celebrating Earth Day and I ask that each of you tries to send wasteless snacks this month! Use reusable containers and help keep our Earth beautiful. Turn off lights when you leave the room, turn off the water while brushing your teeth & be sure to set an example for your Little Stars! Please feel free to join us for our annual garbage clean up. (see newsletter for dates)

On another note, I am happy to say that I can now accept e-transfers so payments can be sent directly to cota@shaw.ca, no paper, no banks;)

As always, I welcome any and all feedback and have to say that I have enjoyed getting to know our parents, it is especially heartwarming to see sooo many great dads participating, you guys rock! 

That's all for now, be sure to follow pics and updates on our facebook page too!

Hugs~Miss Becki