Jan 4, 2019

New Year!!

2019 is all about organizing every aspect of my life and simplifying, enjoying moments, and being present! As I get older, I realize that I need to simplify in order to keep focus and not overwhelm myself with too much of everything. I am purging what doesn't serve me or my work. I am trying to be more environmentally friendly (you will see I even modified the registration form to condense it and lose a whole page, saving trees!), more giving (donating, donating, donating!), more present (spending more time with friends and family and less on social media), more reflective (making observations and setting goals accordingly) and more connected (meeting with like-minded people to keep inspired and creative). Life is precious and such a gift so I wanted to ask myself what is fulfilling me so that if this was my last bit of time on earth, I would know I didn't waste that precious time. Of course family and friends are top of my list, spending quality time with them, traveling and making those wonderful memories. My work is very high on my list, I honestly am soo passionate about early learning and child care that I actually say no to my husband wanting to go on holidays when it conflicts with work. I want to be with my Stars and my Star Staff, it is inspiring, creative, challenging and fun to be at work! I love the challenge probably the most, how to take what I know and apply it to my work so that my Stars' experience at Little Star gives them tools, confidence, inspiration, compassion, success, and joy! So they leave my program ready to tackle whatever comes next in their journey more prepared and confident than they would if they never attended Little Star. I have drive and passion to make this a reality each season. New Years always gives me that little bit of breathing room to reflect on why I do what I do and how I can be better. So I am ready to kick off 2019 and can't wait to see all my Stars! Hope you all have the best year and find what fills your bucket!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Nov 4, 2018

Let' s Chat!

Hello Parents,

Little Star has made some changes this season! As we learn more and delve more into the children's interests and how to not only expand on those but, figure out how to teach what we want them to learn but do it through those interests. We make observations and ask a few questions to get the plan flowing such as: what do the children already know about this interest, what do they want to know and how can add to that? What skills can we work on while building on these interests and how can this be developmentally stimulating? So instead of setting up themes and telling the children how to use them and what to build, we are presenting provocations, putting out materials and letting them create, build, figure things out in a safe environment. We want to celebrate that our Stars are mighty learners and give them opportunities to do just that, learn but learn through play!  We are constantly watching to see which children are at which developmental milestones and coming up with ways to help them bridge into the next developmental level. Our goals are to help them grow in a social, physical, intellectual, communicative, and emotional manner which is where the acronym S.P.I.C.E. comes from in early learning and childcare.  We also want to expand on bringing nature and real items (not toys), into our program as well as making our environment less plastic and overstimulating and more calming. We hope you see these changes as improvements but please know that our mission statement remains the same, (you can view this on our Welcome Page of this website), as each child is special and unique and we want to make their first school experience wonderful and set them up for success in their future school years. Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback with us as we are always striving to improve the programs.

Hugs~Miss Becki

May 27, 2018


Hey Parents,

I love to do something special with pictures taken throughout the season. If you have any to share, please text them to Miss Becki at 587-877-7827 or email to littlestarplayschool@hotmail.com.

I can't believe we are almost in our last month:( It has been a fabulous year and all of us teachers have developed strong relationships with all the Stars, it's going to be tough to say goodbye!

This is your insider's tip, buy stock in Kleenex now!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Apr 2, 2018


I had a conversation with my staff about the importance of reading and how to ensure we make reading a super fun, hold their attention kind of time for our Stars. I LOVE reading and I know that getting lost in a book started at a very young age for me. I loved being read to and even in junior high when our teacher would read aloud from books like Narnia or Lord of the Flies, I could picture the scenes in my head like a movie! I love getting my own visual of what the characters look like and sound like and the scenery all mapped out as I follow the adventures on the written page. Reading aloud to my students has become a passion for me and I love to get the children involved in the story as we read by asking open-ended questions such as what do you think will happen next or what do you think they are feeling? Using accents or silly voices, utilizing quiet and louder tones to build suspense or keep their listening focussed. I constantly weed through and add to my library of books as I have an idea of what content I need, how many words on a page are appropriate for the different ages in my program and I look for repetition, rhyming, illustrations, etc... I have puppets, books on CD, books with sound effects built in, pop up books, books with touch and feel sensory built-in and the list goes on. As you can see, books are very useful and important to me but I want to instill more than anything, a love of literacy. In a generation of tech devices, I want children to develop a love for the good old book! There is a bond you can build while reading to a child, sharing a snuggle over a story, discussing content, characters, feelings. Books can be used to deal with sensitive topics such as feelings, behaviors, family dynamics, friendships, etc... I could go on and on about the importance of books but it the importance of literacy in general. Being exposed to literacy helps children learn language skills, problem solve, promotes imagination, creativity, and sensitivity just to name a few benefits. I encourage all parents to read to their children, even older children (think Harry Potter), not only will they benefit developmentally from it but it is precious time that you can spend enjoying togetherness. 

Now go read a book!

Hugs~Miss Becki

PS: feel free to share your favorite book titles with me as I am always on the prowl for a good book whether for my program or just for myself!

Mar 13, 2018

Thank you!

I have to send a big thank you out to my Superstar staff! As we are coming out of the winter thaw, I am soo appreciative that my dedicated staff worked so hard all winter to come up with great programming, they made wonderful observations of the children's interests and had so many great "teachable moments" because of this! My staff worked to make each space warm, welcoming and beautiful while being creatively inspiring and flexible to cater to the children's imaginations! The positivity and respect my staff shows to the children has encouraged them to be their best selves and to believe in themselves. I am beyond proud of my team, the program and of our whole Little Star Family including the support we receive from our parents, the schools we run out of and the town.

My inner spirit feels renewed and my inspiration is on fire thanks to my hardworking staff and I just had to shout out! 

Thank you team, my bucket is overflowing!

Luv Miss B

Jan 23, 2018


Well, December was a blur of activity and Christmas but we have kicked off January with a bang and each day has been full of joy and excitement as we observe our Stars soak up learning through their play! We are full of inspiration and renewal with the beginning of 2018 and wish all our Star families a prosperous year full of Star hugs and kisses! Enjoy every moment because it's true what they say, you blink and your babies are grown! We are loving every moment that we are in their presence and are truly honored to be part of their first school experience! Please follow our Facebook page for pictures and updates from all Little Star Programs. Registration will open February 1st to all current families, get your forms in to secure your spots before registration opens to the public March 1st. 

As always, I welcome any and all feedback/ideas from you parents as I am always striving to improve my programs!

Hugs~Miss Becki 

Aug 29, 2017

Summer is over!

Sadly our days are getting shorter and summer is fading into fall but on the upside, school is starting back up and our amazing out of school programs as well. Fall is actually my favorite season but I treasure family moments we share camping, backyard fires, lake days and enjoying the sun. This summer I got a new puppy, a little fluff ball named Maverick and have been busy housebreaking him etc in preparation of back to work/school in our household. I forgot that it is basically like having a baby all over again but the puppy love is worth it! I have also struggled with technology this summer as my trusty laptop decided to retire at a crucial moment of year end and I don't know if my new laptop and I are friends yet! I have managed to get my OSP handbook modified and my Play School Newsletter finished as well as the many templates I need for each program and hopefully, I can finish my Pre-K gifts that were due in June without too much more delay. (Thank you for your patience!!) OSP newsletters are on their way too! Just finding the balance right now in my life but please know that I take great pride in running excellent programs and am making every effort to get you what you need ASAP! As I get the kinks worked out, I very much appreciate any and all feedback. Now back to work for me!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Jul 29, 2017


Hello Parents!!

Hope your summer has been great so far! I have been slowly checking off my to do list while trying to enjoy the summer and house training my new puppy "Maverick", a little, black Shipoo!! He is adorable and a lot of work lol, luckily he is pretty smart and has a very laid back temperament. I am going to be heading camping for a week so I wanted to update you all before I have no service!

I have extended the length of the play school & pre-k classes. The new times are 8:45-11:15 and 12:00-2:30. I would have loved to go to 3 hours but the timing won't work with the before and after school program. 

As of right now, the following is the availability of my programs:

Tues/Thurs play school AM - Full

Tues/Thurs play school PM - spots available

Pre-K AM - 1 spot available

Pre-K PM - spots available

IREC OSP - Full with a waitlist

IRIC OSP - limited spots available

St. Gregory OSP - spots available

To register, please visit the forms and downloads tab where you will find both the registration form and handbook for the program you are interested in. Forms can be dropped in the drop slot beside the front door of Little Star at 5009 Broadway Ave and email confirmation will follow. 

I hope you spend the rest of your summer making precious memories with your Stars and I am excited to see you at orientations/meet the teacher events which will be at the end of August.

Hugs~Miss Becki

Mar 28, 2017

Exciting news!!!!

Little Star is expanding to host a summer camp in July 2017 (more info to be released soon!) and will be opening an onsite before & after school care at St. Gregory the Great Catholic school in fall 2017! 

Registration for play school, Pre-K classes and all 3 OSP (out of school programs), will be open to the public April 1st!! The procedure to register is extremely simple:

  1. Print off the registration form found under forms and downloads on this site, or stop by Little Star to pick up a hard copy!
  2. Fill it out, ensuring that all spaces are either filled in or you may write N/A if not applicable, (no blank spaces please).
  3. Drop forms with CASH ONLY admin fee into the drop slot beside the front door of Little Star located at 5009 Broadway Ave.
  4. You will be contacted via email once we have a chance to process your form(s). If you don't hear from us within a week or so, feel free to drop an email to us as we may have input an incorrect email address!

That's it! Easy, peasy!! You will receive information about our registration day end of June as well as our orientation/meet the teachers days held in late August as well as supply lists if applicable via email. Please ensure you read the handbook for the program(s) you will be using and if you still have questions after, I want to hear from you!! I try to incorporate all necessary information into my handbooks but as with everything I do, they are a constant work in progress! Your feedback helps me to improve my programs and I welcome all ideas/feedback from my valued Star families. Please follow our Facebook page for updates and fun pictures of what we are doing!

Thank you for choosing Little Star to care for your Little/Big Stars!

Hugs~Miss Becki

Mar 8, 2017

Registration for Fall 2017

I am excited to open registration April 1st for the 2017/18 season!! I have big news!! I am opening an out of school program at St. Gregory this fall! Details are still unfolding but I have added them to my registration form. As I unsure of how many children I can take there, it will be a first come first served basis with full-time children getting precedence. 

The registration process is the same as past years, all forms need to be fully filled out (no empty lines, please write N/A if not applicable). Forms and handbooks are located under the forms and download tab on this website. Forms and CASH only admin fee are to be dropped in the drop slot beside the front door at our location on Broadway Ave. My lovely secretary and I will be processing them on a first come first serve basis and sending an email confirmation as soon as we can. Please ensure that you read the handbook for the program you are registering for to ensure you are familiar with my policies and procedures; if you have any questions or feel there is missing information, please contact me.

June 26th we will have a registration for parents to come in and ensure their forms are correct, drop off post dated cheques, etc...This is a very quick process and we will not be having child minding but your child can come in with you. In August, each program will have an orientation/meet the teachers time where they get to play and drop off supplies so that our first day of school will be that much smoother. OSP will start on the first day of school (TBA), play school programs always start after the long weekend. 

Please follow our Little Star Facebook page to keep updated!

I look forward to meeting my new Stars and families as well as seeing some familiar Stars and younger siblings!! Time flies so go hug your Stars and then hug them again from me!

Hugs~Miss Becki