Jan 4, 2019

New Year!!

2019 is all about organizing every aspect of my life and simplifying, enjoying moments, and being present! As I get older, I realize that I need to simplify in order to keep focus and not overwhelm myself with too much of everything. I am purging what doesn't serve me or my work. I am trying to be more environmentally friendly (you will see I even modified the registration form to condense it and lose a whole page, saving trees!), more giving (donating, donating, donating!), more present (spending more time with friends and family and less on social media), more reflective (making observations and setting goals accordingly) and more connected (meeting with like-minded people to keep inspired and creative). Life is precious and such a gift so I wanted to ask myself what is fulfilling me so that if this was my last bit of time on earth, I would know I didn't waste that precious time. Of course family and friends are top of my list, spending quality time with them, traveling and making those wonderful memories. My work is very high on my list, I honestly am soo passionate about early learning and child care that I actually say no to my husband wanting to go on holidays when it conflicts with work. I want to be with my Stars and my Star Staff, it is inspiring, creative, challenging and fun to be at work! I love the challenge probably the most, how to take what I know and apply it to my work so that my Stars' experience at Little Star gives them tools, confidence, inspiration, compassion, success, and joy! So they leave my program ready to tackle whatever comes next in their journey more prepared and confident than they would if they never attended Little Star. I have drive and passion to make this a reality each season. New Years always gives me that little bit of breathing room to reflect on why I do what I do and how I can be better. So I am ready to kick off 2019 and can't wait to see all my Stars! Hope you all have the best year and find what fills your bucket!

Hugs~Miss Becki