Nov 4, 2018

Let' s Chat!

Hello Parents,

Little Star has made some changes this season! As we learn more and delve more into the children's interests and how to not only expand on those but, figure out how to teach what we want them to learn but do it through those interests. We make observations and ask a few questions to get the plan flowing such as: what do the children already know about this interest, what do they want to know and how can add to that? What skills can we work on while building on these interests and how can this be developmentally stimulating? So instead of setting up themes and telling the children how to use them and what to build, we are presenting provocations, putting out materials and letting them create, build, figure things out in a safe environment. We want to celebrate that our Stars are mighty learners and give them opportunities to do just that, learn but learn through play!  We are constantly watching to see which children are at which developmental milestones and coming up with ways to help them bridge into the next developmental level. Our goals are to help them grow in a social, physical, intellectual, communicative, and emotional manner which is where the acronym S.P.I.C.E. comes from in early learning and childcare.  We also want to expand on bringing nature and real items (not toys), into our program as well as making our environment less plastic and overstimulating and more calming. We hope you see these changes as improvements but please know that our mission statement remains the same, (you can view this on our Welcome Page of this website), as each child is special and unique and we want to make their first school experience wonderful and set them up for success in their future school years. Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback with us as we are always striving to improve the programs.

Hugs~Miss Becki