Apr 2, 2018


I had a conversation with my staff about the importance of reading and how to ensure we make reading a super fun, hold their attention kind of time for our Stars. I LOVE reading and I know that getting lost in a book started at a very young age for me. I loved being read to and even in junior high when our teacher would read aloud from books like Narnia or Lord of the Flies, I could picture the scenes in my head like a movie! I love getting my own visual of what the characters look like and sound like and the scenery all mapped out as I follow the adventures on the written page. Reading aloud to my students has become a passion for me and I love to get the children involved in the story as we read by asking open-ended questions such as what do you think will happen next or what do you think they are feeling? Using accents or silly voices, utilizing quiet and louder tones to build suspense or keep their listening focussed. I constantly weed through and add to my library of books as I have an idea of what content I need, how many words on a page are appropriate for the different ages in my program and I look for repetition, rhyming, illustrations, etc... I have puppets, books on CD, books with sound effects built in, pop up books, books with touch and feel sensory built-in and the list goes on. As you can see, books are very useful and important to me but I want to instill more than anything, a love of literacy. In a generation of tech devices, I want children to develop a love for the good old book! There is a bond you can build while reading to a child, sharing a snuggle over a story, discussing content, characters, feelings. Books can be used to deal with sensitive topics such as feelings, behaviors, family dynamics, friendships, etc... I could go on and on about the importance of books but it the importance of literacy in general. Being exposed to literacy helps children learn language skills, problem solve, promotes imagination, creativity, and sensitivity just to name a few benefits. I encourage all parents to read to their children, even older children (think Harry Potter), not only will they benefit developmentally from it but it is precious time that you can spend enjoying togetherness. 

Now go read a book!

Hugs~Miss Becki

PS: feel free to share your favorite book titles with me as I am always on the prowl for a good book whether for my program or just for myself!