Mar 13, 2018

Thank you!

I have to send a big thank you out to my Superstar staff! As we are coming out of the winter thaw, I am soo appreciative that my dedicated staff worked so hard all winter to come up with great programming, they made wonderful observations of the children's interests and had so many great "teachable moments" because of this! My staff worked to make each space warm, welcoming and beautiful while being creatively inspiring and flexible to cater to the children's imaginations! The positivity and respect my staff shows to the children has encouraged them to be their best selves and to believe in themselves. I am beyond proud of my team, the program and of our whole Little Star Family including the support we receive from our parents, the schools we run out of and the town.

My inner spirit feels renewed and my inspiration is on fire thanks to my hardworking staff and I just had to shout out! 

Thank you team, my bucket is overflowing!

Luv Miss B