Jan 23, 2018


Well, December was a blur of activity and Christmas but we have kicked off January with a bang and each day has been full of joy and excitement as we observe our Stars soak up learning through their play! We are full of inspiration and renewal with the beginning of 2018 and wish all our Star families a prosperous year full of Star hugs and kisses! Enjoy every moment because it's true what they say, you blink and your babies are grown! We are loving every moment that we are in their presence and are truly honored to be part of their first school experience! Please follow our Facebook page for pictures and updates from all Little Star Programs. Registration will open February 1st to all current families, get your forms in to secure your spots before registration opens to the public March 1st. 

As always, I welcome any and all feedback/ideas from you parents as I am always striving to improve my programs!

Hugs~Miss Becki