Aug 29, 2017

Summer is over!

Sadly our days are getting shorter and summer is fading into fall but on the upside, school is starting back up and our amazing out of school programs as well. Fall is actually my favorite season but I treasure family moments we share camping, backyard fires, lake days and enjoying the sun. This summer I got a new puppy, a little fluff ball named Maverick and have been busy housebreaking him etc in preparation of back to work/school in our household. I forgot that it is basically like having a baby all over again but the puppy love is worth it! I have also struggled with technology this summer as my trusty laptop decided to retire at a crucial moment of year end and I don't know if my new laptop and I are friends yet! I have managed to get my OSP handbook modified and my Play School Newsletter finished as well as the many templates I need for each program and hopefully, I can finish my Pre-K gifts that were due in June without too much more delay. (Thank you for your patience!!) OSP newsletters are on their way too! Just finding the balance right now in my life but please know that I take great pride in running excellent programs and am making every effort to get you what you need ASAP! As I get the kinks worked out, I very much appreciate any and all feedback. Now back to work for me!

Hugs~Miss Becki