Mar 8, 2017

Registration for Fall 2017

I am excited to open registration April 1st for the 2017/18 season!! I have big news!! I am opening an out of school program at St. Gregory this fall! Details are still unfolding but I have added them to my registration form. As I unsure of how many children I can take there, it will be a first come first served basis with full-time children getting precedence. 

The registration process is the same as past years, all forms need to be fully filled out (no empty lines, please write N/A if not applicable). Forms and handbooks are located under the forms and download tab on this website. Forms and CASH only admin fee are to be dropped in the drop slot beside the front door at our location on Broadway Ave. My lovely secretary and I will be processing them on a first come first serve basis and sending an email confirmation as soon as we can. Please ensure that you read the handbook for the program you are registering for to ensure you are familiar with my policies and procedures; if you have any questions or feel there is missing information, please contact me.

June 26th we will have a registration for parents to come in and ensure their forms are correct, drop off post dated cheques, etc...This is a very quick process and we will not be having child minding but your child can come in with you. In August, each program will have an orientation/meet the teachers time where they get to play and drop off supplies so that our first day of school will be that much smoother. OSP will start on the first day of school (TBA), play school programs always start after the long weekend. 

Please follow our Little Star Facebook page to keep updated!

I look forward to meeting my new Stars and families as well as seeing some familiar Stars and younger siblings!! Time flies so go hug your Stars and then hug them again from me!

Hugs~Miss Becki