Jan 14, 2017

Color Spectrum Personality Dynamics Workshop

Hello Parents,

My lovely staff and I spent this morning attending an informative workshop on Color Spectrums and how to identify both our individual color spectrums as well as how to identify other's spectrums. This is a great tool to strengthen relationships and it helps create understanding and appreciation for those who differ from our spectrums. In our profession of early childhood educators, it empowers us with the knowledge to read our students color spectrums and provide for their personal needs accordingly. It was great fun to start to recognize the different color strengths of each other during this workshop and eye opening to start thinking about our families' and friends' color strengths as well as our students'. There are 4 colors in the spectrum: blue, yellow, red and green. Blues focus on relationships and feelings; greens are analytical, the thinkers; yellows are organized and orderly, and reds are doers, active and expressive! Everyone has some of each color but you will most likely be predominant in one or two colors. I personally am very excited to add this tool to my toolbelt and to use it to strengthen relationships, be better at what I do and to realize my personal strengths and weaknesses. I encourage you to look into color spectrums, there are free online quizzes to determine your color, here is one link: https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/174298/full-spectrum-success-personality-colors-quiz. As I stated, no-one is one color alone and we all have traits of each color but it is a very interesting topic to pursue and the more tools we can get in our toolbelts for dealing with relationships, the better!

Hugs~Miss Becki