Dec 15, 2016

Ho Ho Hold the clock!

Time has certainly gotten away from me on the whole blogging end of things! Here we find ourselves busily readying for the holiday season and I can't help but feel that time is slipping by too quickly! I want to express how much joy and fun all my Stars have brought me over the last few months! The stories I have heard might make some of you laugh, blush and or cry lol! They have BIG imaginations and are very creative and entertain me fully! It fills my bucket to see the friendships blooming, the skills being mastered and the fun being had with all manner of themes and experiences! It has been great to have parent helpers join in the play and even grandparents, baby siblings, and older siblings join us for special days and events. Thank you all for your support of my programs. I love that my Big Stars are soo willing to be helpers and quite often ask to do chores! It is such a great group of children this year, lots of my Big Stars were Little Stars not long ago and I am soo proud of the genuinely awesome kids they have grown into. As always, it is also fantastic to see the Star Parents forming friendships too, waiting for us to unlock the door has some positives!! I feel like we have all become one great big Star Family! (Okay so I am still working on parent's names but at least I know all the children's') Big thanks to you for your generosity with supporting both our local food bank and the FCSS with the Christmas Angel Program, you have definitely helped fill someone's bucket! Don't forget to come watch our Little Stars at After the Grind next week!!

Little Star Staff wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas making treasured memories with your loved ones and a Happy, Healthy New Year!