Super Star Staff: 


I would like to introduce myself, I am Miss Becki, the owner of the Little Star programs. I am a wife and a mom of 3 children and have been an active part of this community for over 18 years. I have a passion for working with children and am excited and honored to participate in their journey of learning through play! I have a wonderful staff that shares my enthusiasm and as a team, we strive to provide a caring environment that is rich with experiences to encourage learning life skills and developing friendships. Little Star is an accredited program meaning that we are recognized for proving that we go over and above minimum standards set by the government. As caregivers and educators, my staff and I are always open to feedback and continue our own learning by attending courses and workshops. We look forward to welcoming you to our Little Star family and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Little Star's journey.

Hugs~Miss Becki


All my staff reside in Blackfalds and have a deep sense of community spirit and a passion for the youth here.

Miss Evelyn Hamilton - I have known Miss Evelyn since our days on the KAPS board in the early 2000's! Miss Evelyn has 3 sons and 2 dogs; Kylie and Sadie! Miss Evelyn is optimistic, sparkly and magical like a unicorn!! I knew her fun, outgoing personality would be a hit with our Stars and I was proven right! Miss Evelyn makes every Star feel special and important. Miss Evelyn teaches the Play School & Pre-K classes and subs in OSP. Miss Evelyn is well known for her "special outfits"! 

Miss Ashley Smith - I nabbed Miss Ashley right out of high school after I met her through my friend and past employee, Miss Asia. Miss Ashley is hip and energetic and eager to learn and hone her skills, she recently completed her 2nd level of early learning and childcare, making her a huge asset to the team! Miss Ashley has worked her way up the ranks and directs the OSP program as well as teaches the Pre-K classes. Miss Ashley is excited to run our newest OSP at St. Gregory! We also have to mention that Miss Ashley is well known for her big hoop earrings!

Miss Hailee Cota - I have known Miss Hailee her entire life as she is my daughter! Miss Hailee grew up with me running a day home for 9 years and may have picked up a thing or two about young children. Miss Hailee not only helped me out at home with Littles but also assisted/taught dance classes at Dancers Edge as well as babysit for many families. Miss Hailee loves to laugh and excels at doing accents in dramatic play (specifically accents!). Miss Hailee teaches Play School and Pre-K and works the Little Star OSP this season with Miss Michelle. Miss Hailee has embarked on college working towards her 2nd level of early learning and childcare. I am proud to have my beautiful daughter on my Star team!

Miss Ashley Wingie: Miss Ashley is our newest addition but has jumped in with both feet and her whole heart! It has been a dream to have a staff as eager to learn as she is to put forth the knowledge she obtained while getting her childcare worker diploma in early learning and childcare. Miss Ashley quickly won over the children when she adopted some abandoned kittens which had to accompany her to work as she had to bottle feed them every couple of hours. One of them has since been adopted by one of our Star families! 


Miss Shannon Wells - I met Miss Shannon when she registered her oldest in play school and was amused with her quick wit and sarcasm but her skills and love for spreadsheets and organizing made it an easy choice for me to snag her up to handle the tedious business side of Little Star! Miss Shannon has shown complete loyalty and dedication to this position all while holding another full-time job and being a mom! Miss Shannon has completed her first level of ELCC and has subbed as well. Miss Shannon is very well known for missing staff parties, constantly looking for her youngest daughter and her sassy comebacks!

OSP Helper: We are happy to welcome Mr. Boyd Cota to Little Star OSP as a helper/mentor. Boyd is a sports enthusiast who loves playing hockey and baseball. He loves dogs, camping, dirt-biking, riding his scooter and BMX, and playing video games

Shout out to our very special helpers past and present: Jacob Cota, Taylor Plante, Boyd Cota, Chloe & Gracie Brown, Ryley & Cole Hamilton, and Shay & Quinn Legge who have all assisted in either being a helper/mentor in OSP or setting up behind the scenes in theme changes, prepping art, sanding blocks, shoveling, cleaning and most importantly, waiting for their parents to hurry up!!!